Sunday, February 26, 2012

Free Pattern: Lucky 4 Leaf Clover!

I often get asked "what pattern do you use?" and that's a hard question. When I first started out I thought buying the perfect pattern would allow me to make all the cute stuff I was seeing. I quickly realized that just because a pattern is FREE doesn't mean it isn't good OR that it can't be tweaked to be even BETTER! So my biggest FREE pattern reasourse to share is
You will never find two people who crochet exactly the same in my opinion. So just because you buy that cute "bunny hat pattern" doesn't mean you're going to get the same results. Crochet can be very loosely interpreted. And what does that mean? Tweak away! I try new ways to make the same item all the time which has often lead me to a better way of doing something. When I buy a pattern now it's because there is an interesting stitch that I can't seem to figure out and need some help with. With all of that said..this is the very first pattern I have ever written down! Yep, that's's all in my head! LOL which really stinks when a good friend says "send me that pattern" ;) So if it doesn't work up right...well like I said, tweak it ;) OR let me know so I can re-write it ;) Happy Crafting!

I recently made a little beanie and attached this 4 leaf clover on it and loved how it looked! You could attach these to just about any of your Sait Patrick's Day projects! They work up really fast!

Beginer-advanced beginer:
stitches used: SL (slip stitch) CH (chain) SC (single crochet) HDC (half double crochet) DC (double crochet)

Lucky Four Leaf Clover:
Using your lucky green yarn With an H crochet hook, CH 5.
Slip stitch in 1st CH, CH 4, SL ST in same sp (1st ch)
CH 4, SL ST in same sp (1st ch).
SC in 1st  CH 4 sp, *[HDC, 3 DC, SC, 3DC, HDC, SC]* in same CH 4 sp, SL ST in center, SC in next CH 4 sp, repeat from * 3 more times for each leaf
Stem: CH 7, SC in 2nd chain from hook
SC in each remaining CH, SL ST in center of clover.
CH 2, cut your yarn leaving about 2inches, pull your CH all the way through and pull down your knot. Weave in ends.
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Someone who does sell patterns that I Highly recomend is Crochet my Love. They are written out very clearly for beginers. Also, nothing worse than buying TWO DIFFERENT patterns from the same person only to realize all they did was change one one stitch or the type of yarn used to make the hat look different, and unfortunatly several big names out there do this. Crochet my love designs is very upfront if two of her patterns are similar!

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