Monday, February 20, 2012

Featured Photographer - Photography by MJ, LLC!

Part of my new blog will be fun articles on some of my favorite photographers! I am so excited to feature some amazing talent who I've been lucky to work with...Photography by MJ, LLC!
You can find her on FB, her website and blog!!/pages/Photography-by-mj-LLC/202210723159528
Yet another reason why I love MJ Photography...she is participating in "It's a Preemie Thing!" Photography giveaway! Be sure to check it out and spread the word to friends and family who have a preemie! (baby does not have to be a newborn)
Now on to some fun questions to get to know Photography by MJ a little better!
  •   Tell us about the face behind the Camera, Who is Photography by MJ?
 The face behind the camera.... is ahhh... not used to being in front of the camera! I tend to work best behind it! lol.
I am Melissa Biasi, and very honored to be your first featured photographer! I am woman of many jobs actually! I am a wife, mother of 2 beautiful children, a boot camp abs instructor, a Yoga instructor, a workout JUNKIE, a chauffeur to gymnastics, soccer, school, etc. AND of course a full time photographer! Whew! I get tired just reading that! haha :)

  • When did you start your photography business and what was the hardest thing during that first year?
I started my business 4 years ago this April actually. I just turned it into an LLC this past July, and started under my new name, Photography by mj, LLC. Looking back on this venture, I have come a long way. My biggest struggle in the first year was getting clients! Trying to get my name out there, figuring out how to make it a business, and not just shooting "friends". Running a business was also new to me, so that in itself was a challenge.
  • What is your favorite type of session?
I really like all my sessions. I LOVE doing the newborns, but they are the hardest client to work with by far! I would say that I excel at boudoir. I would do it exclusively if I could get all these ladies do shed some clothes for me, lol :) I LOVE that I can take ANY size woman and make her feel sexy. I get such amazing feedback from my boudoir clients, and it feels so good to do that for women. We are all SO hard on ourselves, so it is a nice change for them to see themselves differently. 
  • Where do you draw inspiration from?

Inspiration? I draw it from everywhere. For boudoir, it comes from within. I love to feel sexy and I play with that. Other photographer's have helped me so much with newborns, and I think we all inspire each other actually. My kids are a HUGE inspiration to me, and are actually why I started down this road in the beginning.
  •  What is your favorite newborn pose, and how have you perfected it?
Favorite newborn pose... hmmm... I guess the hands under the chin pose. I am STILL perfecting it! ha. I have watched countless videos on how it's done. I always do this as a composite. Safety is the biggest concern when it comes to newborns.. it's a PERSON.. some photographer's out there overlook that (sadly) and just want to get the shot. I always have mom help me out with that one, helping to support the weight of her head. It's still a challenge to me.. some babies just do not want to come up like that, and that is when you know not to push it :)

  • What is your "go to" lens? Are you a Canon or Nikon girl?
I am a Canon girl all the way :) My go-to lens is my 50mm 1.4. LOVE it! On the 5D Mark II, it's glorious :)

  • What is the funnest thing that has ever happened during a session?
The funniest thing to happen during a session would be the explosive pooping! It shot out RIGHT AT MY CAMERA! OMG! I had to take a toothpick to get it out of the grooves!! TMI right? haha... you asked...!!!
  • What do you suggest your clients wear for their photos? what NOT to wear?
I like neutral colors for pictures, with a slight "pop" of color. Something that brings out the eye color is awesome. Staying in the same color family is great... but NOT all matchy-matchy... I am just not a fan! Not too fond of bright pink in camera either.
  • Where do you hope to take your photography business in the next year? Any big plans in the works?
 I hope to just continue on down this amazing road that I have been on. Slowly but surely my name has gotten out there, and things are picking up. Would like a steady flow of clients. 3-4 sessions a week would be nice. I do not want it to take over my life though. I already spend countless hours here are this computer. I am always telling clients that these little moments in their kids lives are what matters... so I want to take my own advice, and not let this business take anything away from me. Right now, it adds to me, and that is a great feeling :)
  •  If you could give one piece of advise to those who are just starting out what would it be?
 Practice, practice, practice. EVERYONE wants to be a photographer these days and many turn out to just be "faux-tographers". Study, learn, take a workshop, ask other photographers that you admire for advice. I have had several offer awesome info to me (and they still do!). Shoot for FREE until you have a good grip on it. Once you do. Do it right from the get-go. Get your tax ID #, get a good accountant, and attorney to help you start down the right path :) Good luck to all of you aspiring photographers :)
Thanks so much for having me Jessica! This was a lot of fun :)

I hope you all enjoyed reading about Melissa and Photography by MJ as much as I did! Thank you Melissa for opening up and sharing your life and business with us!

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